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858L -86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

858L -86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Model:NBHL-858L -86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Rreezer
Application:Laboratory,hospital,storage of blood vaccines and medical drugs
Product Details

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Medical Freezer DW-HL858S

•Fast refrigeration with strong refrigeration system
•Two compressors and EBM fan motor ensure high-efficiency
•Equipped with VIP plus vacuum thermal insulation panel
•D-form copper tube evaporator for heating dissipation
•Reliable audible and visual security system



NANBEI -40°C~-86°C ultra low temperature freezer DW-HL858 is specially designed as medical freezer and laboratory freezer. The low temperature freezer is equipped with more powerful refrigeration system, ensuring fast refrigeration and temperature uniformity. This upright deep freezer features strong refrigeration, and the power off insulation time is extremely long, providing safe and reliable low temperature protection for samples. You are able to set the temperature inside the cabinet in the range of -10°C~-86°C freely with the high-precision microcomputer control system and platinum resistor sensors. It is equipped with three-dimensional thermal insulation in the deep freezer. And it is adopted high-efficiency VIP plus vacuum insulation plate in the six sides of the cabinet, which improves the thermal insulation performance of the medical / laboratory freezer.  

Powerful Refrigeration System:

-40°C~-86°C ultra deep freezer DW-HL858 features fast refrigeration with the help of new generation refrigeration system. And it has the ability to keep temperature uniformity in the range of -10°C~-86°C in the cabinet. This ultra low temperature freezer adopts CFC-FREE mixture refrigerant technology, which can ensure high performance of the temperature and environmentally friendly.

VIP Plus Vacuum Thermal Insulation :

The six sides of the cabinet in the upright deep freezer are designed with high-efficiency VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate, which can improve the thermal insulation performance. And it has two-layer insulation foaming door with double seal, which can ensure the temperature uniformity in the cabinet of the ultra deep freezer. 

Reliable Security System:

This ultra low temperature freezer comes with audible and visible alarm system, including high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, door open alarm, low battery level alarm, and system failure alarm. And it features turn-on delay and stopping interval protection to ensure reliable operation.

Human-oriented Structure Design:

The door handle is designed in new-type assisting and pressure reducing valve, which can be opened and closed easily with one hand. The liner is designed with 304 stainless steel, which is low-temperature tolerant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring a long service life. And the universal caster and fixed foot under the ultra low temperature freezer are more convenient for movement and fixation. 


CFC-FREE mixture refrigerant ensure fast refrigeration and environmental friendly
Adopted famous Secop compressor and Germany brand EBM fans
D-form copper tube evaporator for better heating dissipation
7”inches LED screen control system has clear display and allows more accurate temperature control
Equipped with VIP plus vacuum insulation foaming inside the door for better temperature performance
2-layers of solid doors with 2 independent inner doors to protect your lab and medical materials in proper temperature
SPCC steel with powder coating external material and 304 grade stainless steel inner material, exquisite beauty and easy to clean
Allow storage of inventory 2”box in 660 pieces and inventory 2ml vial in 66000 pieces
Lockable door and keyboard lock with password to prevent unauthorized operating and access
Fitted with 4 PCS casters & level feet for easy moving the ultra low temperature freezer
Enable machine startup delay, power off protection, and 72 hours battery backup for controller display
Designed with USB datalogger to record relevant temperature data, which can be downloaded and checked
Optional temperature recorder, warning lamp, smart temperature monitor system and CO2 back-up system
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO13485
Scope of Application
This upright deep freezer is suitable for applying in hospitals, blood bank, health and disease prevention systems, colleges and universities, research institutions, the electronic industry, laboratories in colleges & universities, biological engineering, and more.


Model DW-HL678 DW-HL778 DW-HL858 DW-HL1008
Effective Volume(L) 678 778 858 1008
Rated Power(W) 1680 1750 1900 2000
External Dimensions(W*D*H,mm) 1090*1025*1955 1205*1025*1955 1217*1025*2005 1362*1025*2002
Internal Dimensions(W*D*H,mm) 750*696*1286 865*696*1286 877*696*1378 1022*696*1378
Net Weight(Kg) 330 380 390 430
Inventory Rack(Model & Quantity) ZKL304-552B-CT:20 ZKL304-552B-CT:24 ZKL304-552B-CT:12+
ZKL304-552B-CT 12
ZKL304-552B-CT 14
Inventory 2"Box (pc) 5*5*20=500 5*5*24=600 5*5*12+6*5*12=660 5*5*14+6*5*14=770
Inventory 2ml Vial (pc) 50000 60000 66000 77000
Rated Current (A) 7.5 7.5 8.5 9.3
Power Consumption (kWh/24h) 14.4 14.5 16.5 19.15
Shelves 3 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs
Inner Doors 4 pcs 4 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
Temp.Range(°C) -40 ~ -86 Ambient Temperature 16°C - 32°C
Cooling Direct cooling Evaportor D-form copper tube
Data Output USB Defrost Manual defrost
Alarm Visual & Audio;
High/low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, door ajar alarm, filter blocking alarm, system failure alarm
Compressor 2 pc Fan Motor EBM
Compressor Brand Secop (danfoss) Inner Material Galvanized steel sheet (optional Stainless steel)
Casters 4 casters with 2  leveling feet External Material High quality steel plates with spraying
Access Test Port 3 pcs Sealing Material MVQ
Door Lock Yes Display Touch screen
Insulation  Thickness (mm) 130 Refrigerant CFC-Free mixture gas
Insulation VIP Plus vacuum  insulation panel Climatic N
Chart Recorder Optional Data Logger USB
CO2 Back up System Optional Backup Battery Yes
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